Friday, July 30, 2010

Unicom announced iPhone bare metal prices

Today, China Unicom officially announced the iPhone bare metal prices, which does not participate in package plans iPhone, the contract price, iPhone 3G 8GB price of 4999 yuan, iPhone 3GS 16GB price is 5880 yuan, iPhone 3GS 32GB price is 6999 yuan. Users do not have stored the bill, they can buy the bare metal.
From the price point of view, China Unicom bare metal version of the iPhone price of at least 1,000 yuan higher than, the 32GB iPhone 3GS the largest difference, about 1462 yuan. In addition, Unicom version of iPhone is not Wi-Fi capabilities.
According to industry sources, the present situation, Unicom iPhone bare metal prices high, beyond the ordinary user of the psychological level, this is bound to affect Unicom version of iPhone sales. However, China Unicom to data released yesterday, the National Day holiday on the 8th, Unicom iPhone booking number has more than 10,000.
Official said China Unicom, China Unicom will adopt its own operating room, co-agents and stores to sell Apple's iPhone bare metal. Users will have the time of purchase the sales staff to be trained guide to show users related functions.

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