Monday, October 25, 2010

Facebook's growing pains

A year ago, when the social networking site Facebook to open to software developers when it looks like Silicon Valley's hottest young star.

This site really has become a paradise for developers. Programmers are free to play, and create all kinds of different things, both of no practical use the settings just for fun, but also to help find a friend like a very useful function. In this process, Facebook's user base began to rapidly expand. Young people in Silicon Valley social networking site has become an important topic. Microsoft (MSFT) to its investment, even Google (GOOG) is also jealous of it can not enjoy the degree of concern.

However, time in the past year, the situation has undergone tremendous changes. Wednesday, Facebook has accelerated action at his own workshop proposed a large development, and site of major repair, this time, they have begun to feel the growing pains. I also think, Facebook as a topic in Silicon Valley, its charm has faded a lot. Some people even believe that the theoretical value of the company - once raised to 15 billion U.S. dollars - has declined sharply.

Now, Facebook or even be with the Apple (AAPL) launched a positive confrontation, as the latter a new, faster 3G iPhone has become the new darling of the software developers. Some people clearly see a better way to make money - even if Apple charges for a number of mobile applications is very low, the user as little as 99 cents to 1.99 U.S. dollars, you can download it to the iPhone - after all, the application of Facebook Most programs are free.

"In Silicon Valley, for the Facebook obsession has reached a peak last year." San Francisco start-up company's founder and CEO Sfogli (Dave Sifry) says.

Frankly, I know some of the data so far has seemed to tell another story, at least I feel so confused. Facebook seems to have started a can not stop rolling. data provided by comScore, in April, the number of unique visitors in the world on to a slight advantage over News Corp. (NWS) of MySpace, has become the world's largest social networking site. Between May, Facebook's lead even further, and the month has 100 million 23.8 million unique visitors, more than MySpace's 100 million 14.6 million, which flows down slightly compared to the previous month.

Precisely one of the company's troubles also here. Web site architecture itself is not particularly suitable for the rapid traffic growth and the rapid growth of applications, more terrible is that there are a number of these procedures is toxic, making the problem further complicated.

"I have already pointed out a series of operational problems, including the response delay, the page can not be downloaded, etc. This essentially is the speed of response to the problem." Gartner analyst Valdez (Ray Valdes), said, "For social networking sites, This is actually a holistic distress, when they experience rapid growth, they have to constantly re-write their own software. "

Of course, Facebook, after all, resisted enormous pressure to survive, but the speed is really slow growing, and recently they form a new round of debt financing, they plan to utilize these funds for infrastructure construction.

The company recently strengthened a number of means of control, making the application more difficult to spread among friends, for the site, this actually means that the processing tasks become more onerous. Previously, if users have installed the application of toxic and its friends will receive an email, telling them what the person installing the application. Valdes noted that the application of these toxic actually created some illusion of growth figures, he suggested that Facebook as soon as possible to solve this problem.

"They have realized that he opened the door too big." Valdes said, "They give software developers the freedom too much, have an adverse impact on users."

At the same time, Facebook has begun a series of action allow developers to feel distressed. For example, they copied the Slide's Top Friends application of some functions, which will undoubtedly lead to Apple and Microsoft some concern. Slide popular they are both annoying in its application is known, they are also services for the iPhone.

From Palo Alto start-up company Mohan (Mukund Mohan) said, "Everyone can now hope to provide iPhone application."

Bay Partners Partner Daisipande (Salil Deshpande) in its App Factory Fund provides financing for the development of Facebook. He said that if the company want to become a development platform for social networking sites, like the computer or operating system, as they must in accordance with the platform's approach to acting.

"This is easier said than done." Daisipande said, "such as Microsoft, Apple and Sun are also so many years after the company learned the correct way before."

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) long ago pointed out that many social networking companies have only a passing fad, and in fact, companies such as Friendster and Tribe's history confirmed his judgments. Last year, Facebook is clearly one of the hottest topics, but this year, they share some of the eye may have been gradually taken away by Twitter and FriendFeed, not to mention from industry competitors outside the iPhone.

Facebook of course, will not quickly die. Jamies (Sudha Jamthe) and organized a group of volunteers with Bay Area Facebook Developer Meetup, he believed that Facebook still has magic. "They give developers the excitement and stimulation remain."

Facebook still has the potential to become a successful example of the financial markets, and perhaps their IPO will be the wake-up sluggish IPO market strong medicine instead. Just wanted to let application developers and users back to their side, keep your makeup alone is clearly not enough.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The bride marrying the wrong Lang - Department of points I and affinity

I know sub-system or in college, when it was 96 years, had not a computer professional. But the class of two students to test elevation, one-off, and then the students switch to engage in network systems integration, and now has a great accomplishment. Dare to test very simple, and through it is not critical at that time or Te Qinpei them.

Work, want to test several times, I remember once in the pre-reform, was widely rumored to be divided into network, when the database software as well. In particular, seriously want to go even prepared to test the network's middle class, then the reform stopped. I remember one time during the call on one of my high school classmates to report the elevation, the last two people to give up, even the admission ticket no pick up, the book is not read.

After several years of work, in their soon to get the job titles of the intermediate. In 2004 after the title of this reform, said a senior wanted to go to test. Also thought for a moment the soft test their wish. The first half of 2005 to report the network, I do not know why the want to test this subject, perhaps it would like to try deep water. The results are very easily pass through. That certificate is also useless to me today, finishing things found in this certificate, was not any training, I am afraid a long lapse.

Through the network of the examination, I was ready to test high.

To tell the truth, I did not fancy the beginning of sub-systems, but fuses his sister's. After all, I feel more of the code code headache. I reported a November 2005 letter from management, during the English PMBOK04 remember in verse, and also specially prepared paper, as if on remand on the risk management of this thesis. The results of a difference in the length of the trip, two months out, to the test to miss. Then read the letter and management questions, over 50 is not a problem that morning, the afternoon felt a simple case, when not to take a special regret. And another charge against the paper itself, but also particularly well prepared, feel that it is a wasted costs on the high-level opportunity. Later, see the online paper fuses were massacred, they feel that they may not necessarily be over, anyway is impossible to answer. But I think the Holocaust is not kind MII paper, you can increase the score of other subjects can not simply rely on paper to spice up ah. Many people are very strong on the groggy become a ghost sword.

May 2006 wanted to messenger tube, the results apply not only to find that fuses the door. MII specification is more, took an early work published. We are also well prepared. And in November there are other things, certainly would not participate in the exam software. No way to report the series points, though luck, or very carefully looked into a few reference books, I think that the Blue textbooks written really badly, do not know what seeing a half-day focus. Not as soft a good set of books, at least am able to talk about some of the points clearly. Zhang Yousheng case studies and Zhentixiangjie also good. Basically, after reading the morning exam quite sure that, at a problem solving approach can also have a good understanding. But not always feel that their own strength, can only be prepared to try his luck had.

On the examination room, the morning of general knowledge questions was completed very quickly, very early on I will carry out an assignment back to rest. In fact, the time the morning is very comfortable, it is recommended you done, check again, and that can be over 45, the earlier an assignment, a good rest of the afternoon test is quite favorable. (This is only proposed, please test strategy or to decide). One afternoon I remember a saying UML, the answer is not bad. There are a financial, my knowledge of people is more complex, as in Questions in the morning, law, intellectual property, and financial strengths of my software engineering class I 鍊掓槸 one look headache. Financial issues also fall into that Road of my knowledge, feel pretty good answer. Colleges to sit at rest for a few minutes time, and the Friends of the answers a few test, I thought I answered well, or very proud that their luck is pretty good. Unfortunately, papers gave me a big joke, an open question paper, it did not feel ready to do the wrong paper. Subject of several papers were read, how to write, it is not possible. I think the system is also a sub-thesis of luck, though every time there is a relatively common topic, other topics are too professional. I am good at the network and information security classes are not the subject of class. Was selected to write real-time system. The results of the essay structure no sort, but can not write in-depth. Colleges to sit after that bad, that approved of. Result came out really confirm this, the paper 39 points, the other two does not get passed.

Also in February of this year saw the enrollment notice, I will do early registration, but not until April started to prepare, because the last test before, to know their own weaknesses, our own sales took comprehensive case studies read again, read the paper online a few ideas, but also pledged their own to write a disaster recovery system. Prepared to take two samples of copied again, not that the main contents of the article is to study the structure of others. No later copied into a pen or typing hit two. After all, computers are used to.

Punch-drunk on to the 5.26, rushed to the examination room, is not really drive, because the examination room close to my place, two stops on the bus to save strength, which is also a beneficial part of it. Exam the morning of that very simple, even're all out the test, saying it's a little surprised. Estimated over 45 no problem, I was first handed in after an hour back. I have characteristics of this man, anyway, can not test first, or is nothing to take the first exam, always the first carry out an assignment. Therefore, many tests can be an assignment of the time is up, or when an assignment of time has not yet asked the teacher can take the initiative to carry out an assignment. This time of the examination room at least a little to satisfy my vanity, by the way here to despise myself. But others are not that I was giving up the exam is also possible. In fact, tests done after the inspection is also a general check to see what a big problem, unless the wrong questions, or answers to change and error correction on the estimated probability of about it. So if the following words have the exam, there are vanity bigger brothers, or early in an assignment it!

At the beginning of a test is approaching, I was testing halls, the situation got cannelloni, the first question will answer the question of project management is very simple calculation, should be able to do right. The following two questions a little headache, an obvious question is calculated, it may take to a lot of time, there is one subject did not know talking about. Turn over to see the real-time system is the subject of a question and a network of topics, all my good areas. Read at a certain subject can know before, whispered by doing papers on the side Do not screw up, after all, once bitten, twice ah.

Went to the thesis examination, a subject does not see disaster recovery system and network-related topics, I felt maddening. Fortunately, the topic was Public Information System, or you can write a feasibility study, combined with previously participated in the project from their own management of feasibility, technical feasibility, economic viability, respectively wrote some. Also rushed for two hours passed.

Organizers say has been apprehensive, papers have been concerned about problems. Fortunately, before the results come out, know that I am review by senior technicians before, at least to me wide of the snack. Anyway, have a higher priority in there. Department of points there will be no less important.

July 10, said that the Internet can check points, and tell the check points or if it is a bit tight for fear of paper did not pass, a search results to see the first 45 minutes of the papers, finally relieved, but also to see a morning and afternoon were 56/70, not help a bit surprised and a little proud. However, the score line was not out of the paper is still very worried about performance until it was relieved to notice.

I think the most important points through the system is based on the combination of knowledge and practical work together, especially papers and cases. And comprehensive knowledge, as long as the guarantee that most of the areas they are familiar with the basic knowledge and the subject of one of these points to take a number of troublesome areas of the abandoned abandoned, in preparation time may be waived. Because of the morning as long as 45 minutes on it. A Case Study of the afternoon must have a bit of problem-solving skills, not the number of words the more the higher the score, as long as the answer to the points. But if not familiar with the area, but also to boast about, met for the answer. Thesis though my word is fake ghost catchers, but the first page I was hard to keep clean, especially the summary to stay to the end writing. The first time I do not know who is reading the experience, the first to write summaries, write papers, the results themselves to the trap, and write their own do not know how to start to write. Consider also the summary should be written first, first, the article, after the summary. If the outline does fit look of the first column. If it was to write the flow, and change the argument, then painted the chaotic summary inevitable. Of course, if you are prepared in advance the article, it is another matter.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Steal" food reform "Abstract" dishes: Without Thieves lonely farm still in the

December 17, the requirement under the Ministry of Culture, Happy Farm, QQ farm popular social networking sites such as "stealing food" game has been renamed to "pick vegetables," address has changed though, the game was essentially unchanged. Users are able to work as usual gap, after closing their own vegetables to patronize other friends of the farm, won a Rose or a few pumpkin ... ...

Line from the farm seems no "thief" can be online friends to "steal food," continues this way, "Last night you are 'stealing food' it?" This is, many young people most frequently ask when they meet a word. Resolve this kind of lonely being the game, how should we treat?

銆怌ase銆?br />
"Pick vegetables class" primary participants:

Something for nothing and reap the profits

"Call! Finally off work." 11:30, worked in white-collar workers in Qingyuan City, Zhong Ying, a public institution not always follow my colleagues went out to dinner, but logged QQ farm. Virtual Farm a golden and vegetables have all matured, Zhong Ying can not wait to move from the mouse to put away dishes.

"Look at other people's vegetable garden," Chung Ying met, little mouse, "Abstract" from friends at home dishes to ... ...

Watch their virtual wealth in the sale of "Abstract" to continue to add value after the food, Zhong Ying Yang mouth the more the higher the satisfaction has been overshadowed this paste back hunger chest, as if the jump was the bank card number has become the real wealth growth.

Just play as a virtual farm, not long Zhong Ying can not, as some advanced users spend money on dog care, like vegetable, food is always very hard working so close, "promising a good time to set alarm." It could not get away every time on, Zhong Ying their only food was again distressed people, "Abstract" gone dark again when the thought of "Abstract" back.

Zhong Ying said he still preferred to "steal food," one said, "In fact, no matter what the game, most of them are happy people, people kill their time. Steal and not break the law, in reality impossible to achieve, good time so the network was able to have fun, this is the charm of the game right. "

Why so keen to "steal food"? Chung Ying Tan made in the past often have nothing to do after work, passion for work and life have slowly declined, "stealing food" not only enriched her life, but also re-ignited her life passion. Zhong Ying, like, like a lot of players have admitted that the game farm to bring the spirit of the meet, they can get from the farm QQ joy of success, ease the daily pressures of life.

"Pick vegetables class" Intermediate students:

Middle of the night dream "perpetrator"

The dead of night, people are immersed in the dream do not want to wake up in the. A group of people have successfully resisted the sleeping insect infestation, quietly climbed up to, on the mature vegetable farm out "black hands" ... ...

Since the "Abstract" is still "steal" Pirates of the must have "Road." Late at night, when most players have a virtual farm sleep, is the most convenient "to steal food," the moment, players are most likely to achieve bonus points to upgrade. Those loyal to "steal food nation" on the pick in this time, not to each friend's vegetable fields are "stealing" the cleaners do not sleep, or coming to an two or three to "steal" a meal went to bed, or adjusted the clock, midnight up to "steal" the sleep.

In order to "steal" food regardless of the biological clock has been disrupted, "stealing dish clan" loyalty is evident.

"One time I sat on board a passenger on the bus after sleep. On the way cell phone alarm rang, He immediately opened his eyes to a friend called and told friends to help him harvest them. And then sat until a friend calls to inform the vegetables a teeth do not fall reverted to warehouse only to see him continue to sleep at ease. "Wang, a taxi driver in the urban area, about" stealing food nation "and" professionalism, "he frankly" puzzled. "

Greek students are happy to farm a small one player, last year bought a netbook, the friend opened the invitation of Happy Farm, originally just curious to try, the result of a play went to the now, and is now 65 of the "master" the. She told reporters, QQ farms are allowing people to "worrying about", the more upgrades to the back of the more difficult. "As long as one kind of thinking about the next day when the food will go to closing, fear of people stealing. Every time the Internet will first visit is the first garden, look no food can be collected, others are not mature They could steal, and that even mature faster guarded in front of the computer, start with a cooked immediately. "

"Stealing food" so she knew a lot of friends. Little hope that their friends at school almost nothing, while "stealing food" game closer to the distance between her and us. The game is very popular among the students, the students buy online this is to carry computers, anytime, anywhere "accessibility to steal food."

"Pick vegetables class" Advanced students:

Helping people to "steal food," 60 yuan monthly

Recently, the reporter log Taobao, inadvertently found that the red-hot dishes to steal the game even rise to a new career --- to steal food part-time, many people open shop in Taobao, clearly the price on behalf of the people stealing food, grab parking spaces.

"With the farm 'housekeeper', I can finally sleep at ease!" In the work of Xiao-Peng Qingyuan an institution confirms the hard work part-time to steal food, and his level has been increased from the original 21 to 45.

Xiaopeng extra points to appreciate the original, often get up at midnight to "steal food," so much towards the end of units, Xiao-Peng busy to see their farms frequently stolen are not willing to occasionally see the Internet was specifically on behalf of the person to food "steal food," Xiao-Peng try holding the psychological pay the fee.

Part-time really did not expect to keep their promises, not only to Xiao-Peng's "garden" take care of in good order, but also helped him in other people's "garden" in the "stolen food", Xiaopeng has continued pay a fee, "the whole altogether by part-time management. "

It is understood that the network part-time employment "stolen food", and most office workers. They said normally busy work, but they worried about their own "farm", so we find someone to help host, and the cost is not very high.

Nowadays in "Network services" increasingly large groups of people, "the network part-time" market are becoming increasingly prosperous. Many journalists see the Internet "network part-time" information, a large part of them are college students. More complicated network of part-time work, they need tailor-made for this work received a detailed food, stealing food schedule to avoid missing customers needs 10 hours a day staring at computers. A network of part-time told reporters: "We pay per view, and every one yuan, including the collection dishes, vegetables, stealing food, pesticides, weeding, can also provide packet-day, monthly service, at any time to help close the fruit. "

Reporters on the Internet to see, "steal food" service most clearly the price, basically, the farm collecting on behalf of the kinds of 1 yuan / time, 6 yuan package from time to time within 12 hours of picking, weeding, insecticide; If it is monthly, prices -70 from 20 yuan per month.

銆?銆怑xpert analysis

"Steal food," where the magic?

Stealing food, what is magic? Make people so obsessed with not addicted? Psychological expert analysis, stealing food to meet the psychological needs of many people:

Meet with the nature of play

Stealing food and other games like World of Warcraft as complex, bloody, operate easy to learn, play with ease. Just a touch of a button, you can easily get upgrades and "pay." When to play, that's when you play, great to meet people with the nature of play. While waiting for the share of excitement when the crops mature and expectations for long-term intensive work desk jobs or for people who can really release the pressure, get a moment's ease and rest.

Satisfy cravings greatly

Person possessive bottom of the most difficult, is the so-called Yuhenantian. In this virtual space, honestly grow vegetables is not attractive, attractive is a "steal" words. Growing vegetables in a way not condemn a person to satisfy cravings, possession of stolen the more the more the stronger the psychological satisfaction. Stealing food get gold much easier than the reality, people feel possessive of the implementation is also much easier than in real life.

Meet the psychological unearned

Psychologically, everyone wants something for nothing, which is a primitive innate instinct. Something for nothing, in reality is subject to rational constraints and legal constraints, he burst in the game can be freely realized. Life, even to pay a lot of hard work, not necessarily rewarding. And vegetables, growing vegetables, just pay a little bit of time that is harvested.

Desire to meet the return to nature

Return to natural, pastoral yearning that people are chasing a trend, the process of stealing food is seductive process, different kinds of vegetable in different plants, fruits and vegetables there are flowers, to the ground side of the large number of users looking for picking opportunities, while enjoying a variety of plant species in the process of hand picking also enjoy a kind of into the nature of pleasure and fun harvest crops.

Enrich the spiritual life of loneliness

Psychological emptiness of people, elderly retirees, stay at home housewife, etc., a large proportion of them in real life, there is no psychological sustenance, or even feeling especially lonely, lonely, in order to spend some of their leisure time. Leisure activities, particularly the elderly is limited, the lack of a sense of very strong, so filled through this online game.

Meet the social emotional needs

Stealing food became part of people's social means, for example, some people still love getting up late, or too busy to help the "Inner honey" take care of vegetable, not only increase the value of their own experiences, but also enhance mutual feelings. In some social situations, we just referred to "steal food," there is a common topic, narrowing the distance between us, work is more natural when relaxed.

銆怑xpert Recommendations

Balance of the game and reality

Liu Cheng primary and secondary students to "steal food," busy, Wenzhou, 40 civil servants have been disciplined at work to steal food, stealing food morning his wife sent out of the house by her husband, fellow middle of the night to steal food cause deafness, the woman was opposed to breaking the Internet to steal food Qindie front teeth ... ...

From "stealing food," the negative news repeatedly in newspaper psychological experts, users interested in "stealing food," although some of the decompression effect, but over-indulgence, it is possible to change vacuum booster.

Lui Ming China's senior counselor, said, "stealing food" game is so popular, mainly to meet the game many players can not be achieved in real life aspirations, in the virtual world was a sense of achievement and satisfaction, but also give vent to the working and living in negative emotions, appropriate pressure to play can play the role of troubleshooting, but over-indulge in "stealing" may change as the increase in pressure will release the pressure, resulting in insomnia, loss of appetite, weakness and other symptoms, affected normal exchanges and life, "the player to learn to psychological adjustment, after all, as a game, just to 'vacuum' in a way, enough is enough."

Lui Ming said that, as adults should limit players play the game, learn the appropriate entertainment and leisure time can be much closer to nature, to reduce stress, relax. Some young players, because often all the constraints and discipline, and this age more curious about new things, to as little as possible to play such games, beware of a subtle influence, abandoned their studies or even bad behavior.

顐?#39;s Notes

"Stealing food":

Games or "be game"?

A friend's fear of being ridiculed friend "OUT", and in time for the end of this spring, also registered a happy network. Buy a house, buying land, growing vegetables, growing vegetables, raising livestock, buying slaves ... ... out of control, having all the fun.

However, the game later, gradually off the rails, scared look back, suddenly found that "stealing food" game has swallowed his own time and other hobbies. Steal the food more, Meili Zhi increased, the network has accumulated millions and even billions, under the "total assets", may after all be virtual, in reality all this is empty. But this time, he is sunk in the "stolen food" of the game find themselves unable to work, I could not get in the spirit of the original reading, sports and other hobbies also lose interest. He laments: the industry will be fun too thick waste!

Examples, I believe in regular contact with the eyes of the network's users are not uncommon, how many "not to steal food, is lonely," the buddy and "not a grass species is the trouble," the sister who was the game?

"Stealing food" was a game we play just happy that it will never supplant the real-life human interaction, real world, never more than the network's virtual world, real, real. All entertainment, all in order to feel full of sunshine, make life more pleasant journey, so that the quality of life shining. Or not let the "vegetables" to "steal food," about the way we live and work and do not always miss, calculated with and was involved with it. Otherwise, it would not play the game, and it was the game played!

Qingyuan friends to see "pick vegetables"

Miss: about six months ago played "steal food," not now play.

In this age, what should be free, an adult should be able to decide what to do, when to do, life is just to a happy, if the "stolen food" make you happy, then there What is it called?

aa snail aa: Since the network has been happy to play after a farm, but the feeling of playing for a long time the fact that these social networking games are boring as entertainment only, also do not think there meaning over time.

"Stealing food" and "pick vegetables," nothing actually changed and not changed the so-called, may be such a person is to change public opinion on the standard from human consciousness, after all, to "steal" is not a good word.

I think this mainly depends on each person on this thing (stealing food) view, and a play might be more interesting, I have seen these people to steal other people's food, something middle of the night online, I would not say how a If he really likes one thing, many of the practices can be understood, just as you like to play basketball, like to read the same; affecting work, then I would think that there will be some number, such as not cut out the relevant time unit social networking sites, we grow vegetables online every day, stealing food, buy slaves, and later cut off the people did not think what'll get used to.

I do not think that a similar network of friends happy community life would I have a big impact, may be just more of a staple of life, the talk, get to know a network of friends just a few, in fact, started to attract my happy place is a network It uses the real names, this is innovation. But over time, I feel the time is boring pastime about it, the daily also did not change the other interests, such as reading, playing basketball, watching news, normal work, are not affected.

Hajj: the beginning of contacts in September this year, "stealing food," friend, feel a bit mean, anyway, university life is boring.

Play the game now feels is a mentally handicapped is so boring, nothing to do go about, has become a habit. In fact, there is no need to be renamed the Ministry of Culture changed to "steal food" to "pick vegetables," does not make much sense.

Stars: in fact no effect is not affected. I think this game is for each person living small game. Perhaps some people think that is a way to pass time, is a spiritual sustenance. But not over the degree, I think the Ministry of Culture in this respect there should be some publicity suggestions, let us have a sense of not unduly fascinated.


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ASP test two simple functions external to submit

This article cites two simple test ASP-function external to submit examples of the first function is ChkPost (), it can detect whether the server name where the user is currently present in the source page, the second function is PostCheck (), it can Through a simple test to see whether the POST form submission.

Function ChkPost ()
Detect the user currently exists in the server name where the source of the page

Code is as follows: Function ChkPost ()

dim server_v1, server_v2
chkpost = False
server_v1 = Cstr (Request.ServerVariables ("HTTP_REFERER"))
server_v2 = Cstr (Request.ServerVariables ("SERVER_NAME"))
If Mid (server_v1, 8, Len (server_v2)) <> server_v2 Then
chkpost = False
chkpost = True
End If
End function

Function PostCheck ()
Very simple test is to test whether the POST method to submit

Code is as follows: Function PostCheck ()

PostCheck = False
If Lcase (Request.ServerVariables ("Request_Method "))=" post" Then PostCheck = True
End Function

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Aspect-oriented (AOP) and object-oriented (OOP) [3]

Exception Handling

Exception handling example I will not go into here, but this section of the code has been discussed by the above potential problems. When you call EmployeeRepository createEmployee object method, you may get a RepositoryException exception. The traditional solution is, in this class treatment. Another way is when the exception is thrown when RepositoryException createEmployee method returns null, catch block outside the class of other logic can deal with this error.

Error handling in different situations will be different. However, by AOP can be distinguished from each case.

Figure 3

Figure 3 describes the design of the AOP approach and a more abstract level, the interaction between classes. You can by comparing Figure 1 and Figure 3 to better understand the AOP.

Program aims to read the CSV file by BusinessUnit object record and fill in the class BusinessUnitService the map. Use AOP to fill this map is somewhat similar to the back door (backdoor) method - control is delegated to BusinessUnit to read the storage medium record.

AOP is to define some starting point (pointcut) and treatment (advice). An "entry point" is the source code in an execution point. Preceding example defines an "entry point" - class BusinessUnitService in findBusinessUnits method. a "treatment" by definition is when the Executive to a "starting point" when a piece of code. Class BusinessUnitPersistentAspect including advice method findAllBusinessUnits, the method of loading data from storage media, and then use the factory class to create BusinessUnit object. then the object is added map, map reference to the object obtained by BusinessUnitService object. "entry point" and "treatment" component of the so-called "aspect (Aspect)"

To read the data storage medium, OOP way through a DAO class to do. And AOP, you just define a "starting point" and corresponding "solutions" to read the data. AOP framework will the form of advice into the code, either in the implementation phase can also compile.

In short, when the class BusinessUnitService the findAllBusinessUnits method is called, AOP framework will be in the "entry point" into the treatment office, by BusinessUnit object map in advance to read data to populate the object. In this way, persistence layer's code can be moved to business outside of the code.

New methods in the "section"

This section discusses how to use AOP for the application of each "section" Modeling

Operational resources

Class BusinessUnitPersistenceAspect lasting method uses a buffered reader. You can even define "section" and "aspect", but for simplicity, here only concerned with the class to find methods.
@ Aspect ("perJVM")
public class BufferedFileReaderAspect (

@ Expression ("execution (* org.javatechnocrats.aop.withaop.aspects.Busi

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Unicom announced iPhone bare metal prices

Today, China Unicom officially announced the iPhone bare metal prices, which does not participate in package plans iPhone, the contract price, iPhone 3G 8GB price of 4999 yuan, iPhone 3GS 16GB price is 5880 yuan, iPhone 3GS 32GB price is 6999 yuan. Users do not have stored the bill, they can buy the bare metal.
From the price point of view, China Unicom bare metal version of the iPhone price of at least 1,000 yuan higher than, the 32GB iPhone 3GS the largest difference, about 1462 yuan. In addition, Unicom version of iPhone is not Wi-Fi capabilities.
According to industry sources, the present situation, Unicom iPhone bare metal prices high, beyond the ordinary user of the psychological level, this is bound to affect Unicom version of iPhone sales. However, China Unicom to data released yesterday, the National Day holiday on the 8th, Unicom iPhone booking number has more than 10,000.
Official said China Unicom, China Unicom will adopt its own operating room, co-agents and stores to sell Apple's iPhone bare metal. Users will have the time of purchase the sales staff to be trained guide to show users related functions.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

P2P popular series of seven

Existing DHT algorithm as a distributed hash function, only the search for accurate, if you want to support the current Web search engine with multi-keyword search function, but also the introduction of new methods. The main reason is that DHT works.

DHT-based P2P system is compatible with the hash function under the precise positioning of key words and found objects. Hash function always try to ensure the hash value generated uniform random distribution, the result is high similarity of the two elements, but not exactly the same object is generated completely different hash value, stored in a completely random two nodes . Thus, DHT can provide an exact match query, but the semantic is very difficult.

DHT is currently conducted on the basis of resource management with semantic technology research also very small. Since the exact keywords DHT mapping is such that can not and the fields of information retrieval research results combined, prevented DHT-based P2P system large-scale application.

P2P Discovery of the most important research results should be based on small world theory, unstructured discovery algorithm and structured DHT-based discovery algorithm. DHT and its findings, especially the organization of technology resources and find it provides a new approach.

With the development of the practical application of P2P systems, the physical network, routing some of the factors that influence began to affect the efficiency of P2P discovery algorithm. On the one hand, the actual network nodes reflect the great differences between that heterogeneity. As client / server model in the field of Internet and distributed applications over ten years and a lot of the popular types of electronic equipment, such as mobile computers, mobile phone or PDA. These devices in computing power, storage space and battery capacity, very different. In addition, the actual network routers and switches are divided into different autonomous regions, reflecting strict hierarchy.

On the other hand, the extent of fluctuations seriously affect the network discovery algorithm efficiency. Network fluctuations (Churn, fluctuation of network), including node join, quit, failure, migration, concurrent accession process, network segmentation. DHT discovery algorithms such as Chord, CAN, Koorde fluctuations are taken into account worst case network design and Its Implementation. As the degree of each node to maintain the minimum possible, so that members need to respond to changes in the maintenance of relations can be relatively small, so you can quickly recover the impact of network fluctuations. However, only a small number of each node routing state of the high cost of delay discovery algorithm, because every search need to contact multiple nodes, in a stable network, this way of thinking is unnecessary.

Meanwhile, as a resource organization and discovery technology necessary to support complex queries, such as keywords, content querying. Although the field of information retrieval and data mining provides a wealth of sophisticated semantic search technology, due to the characteristics of DHT exact keywords maps hinders DHT complex queries in the application.

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